Week 8 Project Life

Well this week certainly holds the record for the most last minute ever. On Saturday night I realized that I had taken very few photos during the week. Usually when that happens Marvin has a lot to pick from but for some reason he didn’t take many this week either. I managed to use a few of the same thing – different days though and got a couple of photos that Kendall had taken of herself. Whew.


On a side not the mummy project looks amazing now that it is done – will post a photo of the poster board next week. The kids at school really enjoyed eating it yesterday after Jessica and Megan did their presentation. I also learned that it is NOT a good idea to post photos of tulips in February. It started snowing on Saturday and did not stop for days. My flowers are buried under at least a foot of snow!


Project Life Week 6

Week 6 was a very social week. We stared with Super Bowl on Sunday (yeah Seahawks) and then progressed to wing night on Tuesday and then out again on Friday. I was so happy to have a vacation day on Friday so I could work on this and on things around the house! Click to see it larger and read the journaling.