Week 28 Project Life

I am so glad I booked off part of this week after getting back from the cabin! I am getting caught up on things around the house – including all the weeks I was behind in documenting our lives. Whew! 

Here is week 28 – a huge week for the family with my sister and her hubby adopting a newborn baby! I have blurred out that story as well as a trip to the ER with my daughter. 


Project Life Week 25

Gradually making my way through my photos and notes and trying to pull together a week at a time. We have been really busy living life…not a lot of time left to document it right now. I am off work for a couple more days so I hope to catch up a bit more. So glad that I am using Dropbox and made folders that are sorted by week. It makes it so easy to go to a certain week and see what was happening. 

Here is week 25 – back to Father’s Day, the end of my soccer season and some end of school festivities.