Project Life Week 37

Being the parent of a teenager is a hard job. Some very bad decisions made this week by my oldest – blurred out in the journaling on page 2. Besides that it was another week off work for me after my surgery which meant I was around to take care of Marvin after his surgery.


Project Life Week 36

Slowly making my way through the weeks of photos/stories that I have waiting for me. I feel so overwhelmed that I just cannot seem to catch up. Besides working full time, running my part time business and taking care of my kids I don’t have time to be on top of this at all. Today I had to get some work done in the garden before the fall rains started so that took a chunk out of my time. I keep feeling like I should just throw in the towel on this whole thing. Seriously – will my kids even care years down the road? Will I care years down the road?

The memory keeper in me says “yes they will, yes I will” so I keep going. I know for sure that I am not going to be able to print this book by the end of the year. I know for sure that it will be into next year before I get it printed. I have to learn how to be okay with that.


Project Life Week 32


Week 32 is done…now only two weeks behind. I am going back to work tomorrow but only for three days as I have surgery scheduled on Thursday and will be off at least a week after to recover. I might just be able to catch up!!

Week 31 Project Life

So many projects on the go and nothing ever gets finished. This drives my husband crazy. I start one project, drop it, start another, drop it, start another….you get the idea. My house is full of “projects”. Right now my garage has TWO tables I am working on. One to keep and one is done and going up for sale. I need to rearrange my house to stage that table so I can sell it. I have piles of clothes to photograph/inventory for my side business, the house needs to be cleaned in the worst way and there are zillion other things that need to be done. This Project Life thing IS important to me and that is why I keep doing it even though it frustrates me that I can never quite seem to catch up. 

Here is week 31….some stuff blurred out for privacy reasons.



Project Life Week 30

I am really trying to incorporate more stuff from the girls into my pages. This turned out perfect this week as I could include parts of their week while they were away visiting friends, I am prepping for their two week road trip with their dad….I am hoping that they can find wifi so they can message me and send me photos while they are gone!


Old Facebook post from Feb. 2009

A few things have changed since Feb 2009. A lot of this is still very true. Posting it on my blog so I have it for future reference.

25 random things about me

February 3, 2009 at 10:14pm
 After being tagged many times I figured I would finally succumb and do this….I have loved reading and learning more about my friends :)

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

1. Water calms me. My favourite vacation place is at the cabin on Green Lake – total peace and quiet. I look forward to going every year and sitting on the deck early in the morning in total silence (everyone is still sleeping) and watching the fog lift off the lake.

2. I am not working in what I would consider to be my dream job. I don’t love what I do for work although I am good at it (and pretty well paid). Ideally I would love to be a pro photographer but that will have to wait until I retire.

3. My life path has radically changed since I was in my early 20’s. I was going to be a career-focused, no kids, carefree single living in a penthouse overlooking English Bay. I don’t regret having kids though – my life would be empty without them.

4. We moved across the country when I was 11. All the way from Toronto to Vancouver in the back of a cargo-like van. My sister and I (Claudette was not born yet) took turns sitting on a cooler and on a child size rocking chair. I remember being devastated that mom broke my Barbie camper in half to try to fit it in the van (or so she told me) and that we had to leave our dog Toby behind.

5. I would like to think I am an organized person and I do strive to be one. Perhaps that is why IKEA speaks to me. I love that store and wish it were a public company as I would buy stock. Not kidding!

6. I spent most of my teenage years in a very strict religious organization (United Pentecostal Church). The psychological damage still haunts me at times.

7. My taste in music is way too young for my biological age. I am certainly not the demographic for Linkin Park. I do like some age appropriate music too. Overall I am drawn to men and guitars. Daughtry, Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Jack Johnson etc. One piano exception for Gavin DeGraw…wonder if he plays guitar too?

8. I have always worried about that nasty “C” word (cancer). Now I worry more than ever because my mom is battling it now.

9. I love all ethnic food. Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian etc.

10. I hate the telephone. Hate it. I never check voice mail at home and I don’t answer it when it rings even if I am home. It feels like people are intruding on my time when they phone me at home – even if that seems irrational. If you need to reach me send an email as that will likely get you a response sooner than weeks later (when I eventually check voice mail). I think all my years of computer tech support on the phone have done me in. Helpdesk….Susan speaking.

11. I often feel like a terrible friend (see above). I can’t seem to find time to call, email or visit as much as I would like to. It is a wonder that I have any friends left at all sometimes (I still have friends…right??). Kidding.

12. My greatest fear is that my children will predecease me. Scares the crap out of me to even think about it.

13. I love word games and do pretty good at Scrabble, Boggle and any other anagram game. 

14. Reading is a guilty pleasure for me. I wish I could do it more often but I can’t (won’t) make the time. I look forward to vacations where I can read three or four books in a week.

15. I used to be very involved in scrapbooking and was even published in several magazines. I stopped enjoying it as it became more of a chore. I have never really gone back to it with the same gusto I used to have although I have started dabbling in digital scrapbooking and enjoy that. My paper collection looms over me…..

16. I hate cooking the daily meals. If it is a big dinner party or a special occasion when I have weeks to prepare I love it. The day to day stuff gets to me. I do love to bake though and refuse to buy cookies at the store for my family.

17. Retirement terrifies me. I wonder if I will have enough money to be comfortable as I am no longer part of a couple? After putting two kids through University I sure hope so.

18. I am a dog person yet I own two cats and zero dogs. Eventually I would love to get a dog but the timing is not right as it would be home alone all day. I am learning to love cats and all their quirkiness.

19. I don’t eat beef and besides one bite of steak last year (on a dare) I haven’t touched red meat in about 25 years.

20. I like cheering for the underdog in all aspects of life. I think that is why I became a Flames fan back in the 80’s when they were being kicked around by the Oilers.

21. I spent about nine years working at an educational institution by day and a strip club by night. Talk about a contrast! 

22. I am extremely independent and self sufficient. I rarely ask for help even when I know it will take me much longer to do it alone. 

23. I have very little patience and get frustrated easily when something doesn’t work. I will often walk away and have a good cry and then come back to face the problem. It is a small miracle that I have finally mellowed enough to build IKEA furniture!

24. The bravest thing I have done was to choose to be a single mom. Life could have probably gone on the way it was but someone had to end it. We are both so much happier now doing our own thing and the kids have adjusted quite nicely too. The only regret is that I waited so long to issue the ultimatum.

25. My resolution for 2009 (and every year after) is to live life with NO regrets. I am learning that life is short and I refuse to be anyone other than myself. In the words of John Mayer “You better know that in the end it’s better to say too much then never to say what you need to say”