Project LIfe 45 and 46

So stressed out right now that I am SO many weeks behind on this!! I am usually caught up and ready to send for printing right after Christmas Eve/Day celebrations. This year there is no way that is happening as I am now just starting week 47 lol!!


Project Life Week 40

I knew I was avoiding this week for a reason. Working on this today was so hard. I cried a lot – so much my eyes are burning. I loved this dog so much and looking back at my kids when they were little made me feel both sad and nostalgic. So many happy memories with Sara puppy. My kids really did grow up with her. I really hate the fact that dogs do not live as long as us and I really hate the fact that my favourite dog only lived for nine years. F***cancer in all instances! Here is week 40 – the first part is the usual documenting of our week and part two being a tribute to Sara.


Project Life Week 39

Yikes still in September – that totally sucks as the calendar is now in November!! I am now scheduling time to get caught up  (or at least close to caught up). I have booked an extra long weekend coming up so I have time off work and a day at home alone to get this done!! Oops Marvin noticed a typo so I will have to go and fix that before I upload my final copes to Mixbook.


Project Life Week 37

Being the parent of a teenager is a hard job. Some very bad decisions made this week by my oldest – blurred out in the journaling on page 2. Besides that it was another week off work for me after my surgery which meant I was around to take care of Marvin after his surgery.


Project Life Week 36

Slowly making my way through the weeks of photos/stories that I have waiting for me. I feel so overwhelmed that I just cannot seem to catch up. Besides working full time, running my part time business and taking care of my kids I don’t have time to be on top of this at all. Today I had to get some work done in the garden before the fall rains started so that took a chunk out of my time. I keep feeling like I should just throw in the towel on this whole thing. Seriously – will my kids even care years down the road? Will I care years down the road?

The memory keeper in me says “yes they will, yes I will” so I keep going. I know for sure that I am not going to be able to print this book by the end of the year. I know for sure that it will be into next year before I get it printed. I have to learn how to be okay with that.