Project Life 2016 – Week 11

This is my first layout done totally on my tablet. I exported the file back to Dropbox and then into PSE to do my journaling. I also resized it so it would be consistent with my other pages. I think this process is faster because my options for journaling cards is much more limited on the app. I think I will do most pages on my computer but I wanted to try this out to see how well it would work.


Project Life 2016 – Week 10

This week has been super exciting for me with the Android version of the Project Life app coming out. I actually had this whole layout done in the app before doing it on the computer. I will definitely be doing my pages on the app once the integration to Dropbox happens but for now it helps me to lay out how the week is going to look.



Project Life 2016 – Week 8

Even on a super busy weekend I managed to get this done (yay me!).

It sure helps that I am keeping my photos organized by week and that I am keeping a notepad document during the week so I can remember stuff.

Some details blurred out on this version for privacy.

I also saved it for web in a larger size to make it more readable for my mom (hi mom!) and my hubby:)