Project Life – Week 33

Documenting out trip to Mahood Lake. Probably won’t make it back there again any time soon. It was a beautiful area and we were waterfront but the end of the lake we stayed on was the side that was not really conducive to swimming. We are spoiled by Green Lake and how clear it is. Kendall and I did swim at Panty Beach where the water was crystal clear.


Project Life Weeks 30 & 31

Combining two weeks. I don’t have a lot of photos from either of these weeks so they are mostly comprised of Snapchat screenshots I took from the kids’ accounts.


Project Life Week 29


Lots of stories from the cabin that did not make the page as it is mostly photos. Lots of details and the issues with Ben I would just rather forget anyhow! Overall it was an awesome week of relaxing though and I am just going to focus on that.

Project Life Week 23

I have been debating whether to continue with this or not. I am SO far behind it is not even funny. As I update this we are into week 41. I am just finishing week 23. Do the math to calculate how many weeks I have to go.

I need to look at doing this as a monthly project perhaps? Not sure at this point.

I love the finished project. Love having the books to look through. Love having our family memories recorded. HATE the stress it puts on me.

They really, really need to come up with the Android app for Project Life soon. That will at least give me a chance at staying current.