Project Life Week 9

Another week – whew! I asked Jessica to write about her trip to Victoria because I wanted to get it in her own words.


Project Life Week 8

I am trying not to let the fact that I am two months behind get to me – ack!! I have almost quit doing this a few times now but I know that if I don’t record what goes on around here the little things will be forgotten. Going to try to catch up and get a few weeks done in the next few days.


Project Life Week 7

OMG I am so far behind. At least I have my photos all organized so when I do have some free time I can try to catch up.


Project Life Week 6


I am getting a new computer this weekend so I want to get as close to caught up as possible before I am out of commission for a few days!!

Project Life Week 4 – changing it up

I have always been a fan of white space in design. I have always admired other people’s clean white pages. I have never managed to achieve “clean” by any stretch. Cluttered and fun would be more how I would describe my style.

I saw Cathy Zielske’s book from 2014 and loved it. She used a basic template, white backgrounds and squared corners. It looks amazing and timeless. I figured I would try the white background thing. I am still shrinking my pages by 90% and will just leave the blank space white. Not doing square edges and not sticking to just one or two templates but this is a start of the clean look.


I think I like it :) I will try a few weeks like this and if I hate it or think it looks to plain it will be easy to go back and put in my usual border and patterned paper. It will also be easy to go back and change the first three weeks to white if I go that route.

Project Life Week 2

Operation covert as there was no trace of me on Facebook or Instagram during this trip. I still have not posted any Mexico photos there as my boss agreed for me to be away during semester start up but asked me to keep the trip quiet.

Mexico was FABULOUS! I am going to do a Mixbook for the trip but this week captures a few of the images I took.


Project Life Week 1

Starting this project again for another year. I really debated if I was going to do this again.

It IS so much work to keep up with every week. It DOES stress me out when I am behind.

I am waiting for the app to be available for android phones – maybe that will make things faster for me?

I DO love having a whole year of our lives printed in a photobook.

The 2014 book I ordered is huge. The lay-flat style from Mixbook is beautiful but the pages are thick and it is about two inches thick. That was a shocker!

I am once again going to try not to fall too far behind with this project. At least I work well under pressure if I do fall way behind again :)

Here is week one. I started it on December 28th and went through January 3rd. It worked out perfectly as we flew out to Mexico on the 3rd so week two will be all about our trip.